§ 10A-1-1-101. Short title - Subsequent enactments - Article, chapter and part captions.
§ 10A-1-1-102. Recognition of duties, rights and interests – Legislative intent.
§ 10A-1-1-104. Jurisdiction to enforce Oklahoma Children's Code.
§ 10A-1-1-105. Definitions.
§ 10A-1-2-101. Establishment of statewide centralized hotline for reporting child abuse or neglect – Hotline requirements – Reporting abuse or neglect – Retaliation by employer - Violations.
§ 10A-1-2-102. Assessment and investigations - Determinations and referrals by Department of Human Services – Investigations by law enforcement agencies.
§ 10A-1-2-103. Judicial authority to request investigation.
§ 10A-1-2-104. Immunity from civil and criminal liability - Presumption.
§ 10A-1-2-105. Investigation of child abuse or neglect – Assessment of family – Immediate removal of child - Report – Voluntary services - Temporary restraining order - Investigation by State Bureau of Investigation.
§ 10A-1-2-106. Notice to person being investigated.
§ 10A-1-2-107. Disclosure of information.
§ 10A-1-2-108. Central registry for child abuse, sexual abuse and neglect.
§ 10A-1-2-109. Relinquishment of child 7 days of age or younger to medical services provider or child rescuer.
§ 10A-1-2-110. Abandonment of child in voluntary placement.
§ 10A-1-3-101. Authorization to consent to medical or dental care.
§ 10A-1-3-102. Medical care and treatment – Definitions – Authorization and consent.
§ 10A-1-3-103. Immunity from liability for authorizing medical treatment or mental health evaluation or treatment.
§ 10A-1-4-101. Jurisdiction – Venue – Residence of child – Transfer of proceedings.
§ 10A-1-4-102. Evidence of child abuse or neglect in matrimonial or child custody actions - Investigation by Department of Human Services - Orders for protective custody - Appointment of attorney for child.
§ 10A-1-4-201. Circumstances authorizing taking a child into custody – Joint response by Department of Human Services, law enforcement, and district courts – Safety evaluation.
§ 10A-1-4-202. See the following versions:
§ 10A-1-4-202v1. Notification of parent, legal guardian or custodian - Emergency custody hearing – Affidavit – Release prior to hearing.
§ 10A-1-4-202v2. Written notification of emergency custody hearing.
§ 10A-1-4-203. Emergency custody hearing – Affidavit – Notice to relatives.
§ 10A-1-4-204. Placement preferences.
§ 10A-1-4-205. Records of child in protective custody – Petition – Hearings – Order providing for removal of a child.
§ 10A-1-4-206. Restraining order - Hearing.
§ 10A-1-4-207. Immediate assumption of custody to protect child's health or welfare.
§ 10A-1-4-301. Petitions.
§ 10A-1-4-302. Amendment of petition – Postadjudication petition.
§ 10A-1-4-303. Summons - Contents – Waiver of service.
§ 10A-1-4-304. Service of summons.
§ 10A-1-4-305. Failure to appear without reasonable cause - Consent to adjudication - Contempt - Warrants.
§ 10A-1-4-306. Appointment of counsel - Guardians ad litem - Court-appointed special advocates.
§ 10A-1-4-401. Discovery and court rules concerning juvenile proceedings – Exchange of information – Protective order.
§ 10A-1-4-501. District attorney to act as petitioner.
§ 10A-1-4-502. Jury trial.
§ 10A-1-4-503. Conduct of hearings.
§ 10A-1-4-504. Alternative dispute resolution.
§ 10A-1-4-505. Admissibility of prerecorded statements of child age 12 or under who is victim of abuse.
§ 10A-1-4-506. Taking testimony of child age 12 or under in room other than courtroom - Recording.
§ 10A-1-4-507. Admissibility of evidence.
§ 10A-1-4-508. Immunity for testimony – Records – Statements during evaluation or treatment.
§ 10A-1-4-601. Adjudication hearing.
§ 10A-1-4-602. Allegations of petition not supported by evidence.
§ 10A-1-4-603. Order of adjudication finding child to be deprived.
§ 10A-1-4-701. Reimbursements and costs by parents able to pay.
§ 10A-1-4-702. Deprived child - Paternity - Support.
§ 10A-1-4-703. Examination of child – Investigation of home conditions.
§ 10A-1-4-704. Individualized service plan.
§ 10A-1-4-705. Religious preference in placement - Placement of child – Restriction on placement in home of felon or sex offender.
§ 10A-1-4-706. Dispositional hearing.
§ 10A-1-4-707. Dispositional orders - Determinations.
§ 10A-1-4-708. Deprivation based on repeated absence from school.
§ 10A-1-4-709. Permanent guardianship.
§ 10A-1-4-710. Motion for permanent guardianship – Notice – Home assessment – Findings – Visitation – Guardianship review.
§ 10A-1-4-711. Motion for modification or termination of a permanent guardianship.
§ 10A-1-4-712. Authority to establish family drug court – Procedures.
§ 10A-1-4-713. Family drug court assessment.
§ 10A-1-4-714. Family drug court program eligibility.
§ 10A-1-4-715. Family drug court judge - Powers.
§ 10A-1-4-716. Family drug court costs – Family Drug Court Revolving Fund.
§ 10A-1-4-801. Stay pending review of release order.
§ 10A-1-4-802. Hearing to determine release of child from state custody.
§ 10A-1-4-803. Placement of child in the custody of the Department of Human Services.
§ 10A-1-4-804. Notification of movement of child in the custody of Department of Human Services.
§ 10A-1-4-805. Change in foster home placement.
§ 10A-1-4-806. Trial home reunification.
§ 10A-1-4-807. Review hearing.
§ 10A-1-4-808. Review hearing report - Child's access to counsel.
§ 10A-1-4-809. Findings establishing that reasonable efforts to reunify child are not required.
§ 10A-1-4-810. Permanency meeting and reports.
§ 10A-1-4-811. Permanency hearing and findings.
§ 10A-1-4-812. Determination of eligibility of foster parent to adopt.
§ 10A-1-4-813. Postadoption agreements with birth relatives.
§ 10A-1-4-814. Modification of decrees or orders.
§ 10A-1-4-901. Filing of petition or motion for termination of parental rights.
§ 10A-1-4-902. Termination motion or petition by district attorney.
§ 10A-1-4-903. Order to terminate parent-child legal relationship – Show cause.
§ 10A-1-4-904. Termination of parental rights in certain situations.
§ 10A-1-4-905. Notice of hearing to terminate parental rights.
§ 10A-1-4-906. Effect of termination of parental rights.
§ 10A-1-4-907. Vesting authority to consent to adoption.
§ 10A-1-4-908. Failure of parental rights to be terminated at trial – Permanency hearing – Continuing jurisdiction.
§ 10A-1-4-909. Application by child to reinstate parental rights.
§ 10A-1-5-101. Appeal of order or decree.
§ 10A-1-5-102. Initial of child's surname required in court opinions.
§ 10A-1-5-103. Time for filing petition - Briefing schedule – Priority basis expediting of adjudication.
§ 10A-1-6-101. Court to make and keep records - Definitions.
§ 10A-1-6-102. See the following versions:
§ 10A-1-6-102v1. Confidential records.
§ 10A-1-6-102v2. Confidential records.
§ 10A-1-6-103. Inspection of records without court order.
§ 10A-1-6-104. Redaction of other children's information.
§ 10A-1-6-105. Disclosure of certain information in cases of death or near-death of a child.
§ 10A-1-6-106. Filing of social records with the court.
§ 10A-1-6-107. Confidentiality - Violation - Penalty.
§ 10A-1-6-108. Maintenance of records.
§ 10A-1-7-101. Duties and rights of persons or agencies receiving custody.
§ 10A-1-7-102. Responsibility for deprived children.
§ 10A-1-7-103. Department of Human Services - Additional duties and powers.
§ 10A-1-7-104. Information to accompany child placed outside child's home – Passport Program.
§ 10A-1-7-105. Rules, policies and procedures regarding children in Department custody.
§ 10A-1-7-106. Placement of child into foster care.
§ 10A-1-7-107. Placement with siblings – Contact and visitation with siblings.
§ 10A-1-7-108. Liability for costs voluntarily expended by foster parent.
§ 10A-1-7-109. Foster placements - License or authorization.
§ 10A-1-7-110. Grounds for determination of placement.
§ 10A-1-7-111. Foster parent eligibility assessment - Criminal history investigation - Individualized service plan - Medical examinations.
§ 10A-1-7-112. Voluntary foster care placement.
§ 10A-1-7-113. Visitation requirements for the Department of Human Services or child-placing agency.
§ 10A-1-7-114. Foster parent eligibility assessment – Completion and costs - Reimbursement.
§ 10A-1-7-115. Emergency placement home - Criminal records check.
§ 10A-1-8-101. Education and training of judicial personnel and attorneys with juvenile docket responsibility.
§ 10A-1-8-102. Court-appointed special advocate – Education and training – Criminal history search – Civil liability immunity.
§ 10A-1-8-103. Referees.
§ 10A-1-8-104. Mileage fees and witness reimbursement.
§ 10A-1-8-105. Penalties.
§ 10A-1-8-106. Applicability of the Oklahoma Minor Identification Act.
§ 10A-1-8-107. Order for transportation of child by sheriff's office - Reimbursement.
§ 10A-1-8-108. Appointment of legal guardian – Appointment of guardian ad litem.
§ 10A-1-8-109. Development of agency-wide process for background checks - Individual limits to number of children.
§ 10A-1-8-110. Falsification of documents relating to deprived children proceedings - Penalties.
§ 10A-1-9-101. Community-based programs.
§ 10A-1-9-102. Multidisciplinary teams - Intervention in reports of abuse or neglect - Duties.
§ 10A-1-9-103. Child Abuse Multidisciplinary Account.
§ 10A-1-9-104. Allocation of monies in Child Abuse Multidisciplinary Account.
§ 10A-1-9-105. Program planning and monitoring.
§ 10A-1-9-106. Kinship Foster Care Program.
§ 10A-1-9-107. Independent Living Act - Short title - Purpose.
§ 10A-1-9-108. Pilot program to serve children at high risk of abuse and neglect.
§ 10A-1-9-109. Performance-based incentive compensation program for child welfare specialists.
§ 10A-1-9-110. Community-based services and care for deprived children - Grants and contracts.
§ 10A-1-9-111. Management, operation and use of children’s shelters.
§ 10A-1-9-112.1. Investigation of reported abuse or neglect - Written response.
§ 10A-1-9-112. Office of Client Advocacy.
§ 10A-1-9-113. Provision of shelter and care to minor mothers who are victims of domestic abuse.
§ 10A-1-9-114. Recruitment of foster parents from child's relatives or from families of same minority racial or ethnic heritage.
§ 10A-1-9-115. Foster parent associations - State agencies to cooperate and promote development.
§ 10A-1-9-116. Foster parent training and continuing education.
§ 10A-1-9-117. Allegations against employees of Department or child-placing agency by foster parent.
§ 10A-1-9-118. Written contract - Information provided to foster parents - Supervision by child-placing agency.
§ 10A-1-9-119. Statement of foster parent's rights.
§ 10A-1-9-120. Grievance procedures for foster parents.
§ 10A-1-9-121. Grandparents - Legislative findings and declaration - Informational and educational program - Distribution of informational brochures.
§ 10A-1-9-122. Supported guardianship program.
§ 10A-1-10-101. Repealed by Laws 2012, c. 353, § 13, emerg. eff. June 8, 2012.
§ 10A-1-10-102. Repealed by Laws 2012, c. 353, § 13, emerg. eff. June 8, 2012.
§ 10A-2-1-101. Short title.
§ 10A-2-1-102. Legislative intent - Construction of chapter - Purpose.
§ 10A-2-1-103. Definitions.
§ 10A-2-2-101. Taking of child into custody - Detention - Medical treatment - Behavioral health treatment - Hearing on order for medical treatment.
§ 10A-2-2-102. Personal jurisdiction.
§ 10A-2-2-103. Municipal jurisdiction of children – Interlocal agreements – Municipal juvenile facility - Fines.
§ 10A-2-2-104.1. Diversion services.
§ 10A-2-2-104. Preliminary inquiry - Petition.
§ 10A-2-2-105. Order removing child from home prohibited absent certain determinations.
§ 10A-2-2-106. Petition - Subsequent pleadings - Amended petitions.
§ 10A-2-2-107. Summons – Warrant - Service.
§ 10A-2-2-108. Examination by health care professionals - Order for treatment.
§ 10A-2-2-301. Conduct of interrogations - Appointment of counsel - Guardians ad litem.
§ 10A-2-2-401. Trial by jury.
§ 10A-2-2-402. Conduct of adjudicative hearings.
§ 10A-2-2-403. Preliminary hearing.
§ 10A-2-2-404. Order of adjudication - Deferral of delinquency proceedings.
§ 10A-2-2-501. Dispositional hearings.
§ 10A-2-2-502. Recommendation for disposition - Probation - Risk and needs assessment tools.
§ 10A-2-2-503. Disposition orders - Revocation, modification and redisposition.
§ 10A-2-2-504. Periodic review of disposition orders.
§ 10A-2-2-505. Juvenile drug court program.
§ 10A-2-2-506. Juvenile drug court investigation – Report - Eligibility.
§ 10A-2-2-507. Juvenile drug court program – Final eligibility hearing – Admittance into program.
§ 10A-2-2-508. Juvenile drug court program – Periodic review, progress reports and hearings.
§ 10A-2-2-509. Payment of juvenile drug court program costs and fees - Juvenile Drug Court Revolving Fund.
§ 10A-2-2-601. Appeals.
§ 10A-2-2-701. Summons - Bench warrants - Obligations of parent, legal guardian, or custodian.
§ 10A-2-2-702. Referees.
§ 10A-2-2-703. Expenses for care and maintenance of child.
§ 10A-2-2-801. Procedures and requirements for placement of adjudicated children.
§ 10A-2-2-802. Termination of parental rights.
§ 10A-2-2-803. Review and assessment of children committed to Office of Juvenile Affairs.
§ 10A-2-2-804. Child in need of mental health treatment.
§ 10A-2-2-805. Commitment of child to custody of Office of Juvenile Affairs - Delivery to designated institution.
§ 10A-2-2-806. Repealed by Laws 2013, c. 404, § 30, eff. Nov. 1, 2013.
§ 10A-2-3-101. Conditions of detention of child - Detention or confinement in adult facility.
§ 10A-2-3-102. Persons under 18 years of age who have fled from another state considered adults for purposes of detention only in certain cases.
§ 10A-2-3-103. Temporary detention - Transportation - Certification of juvenile detention facilities.
§ 10A-2-3-104. Tort liability coverage of juvenile detention services - Contracts between boards of county commissioners.
§ 10A-2-4-101. Juvenile bureau and citizens' advisory committee.
§ 10A-2-4-102. Director and other personnel.
§ 10A-2-4-103. Administrative work of court - Uniformity of procedures and care.
§ 10A-2-4-104. Investigations and reports - Legal proceedings.
§ 10A-2-4-105. Arrests - Service of process.
§ 10A-2-4-106. Transportation of juveniles - Expenses.
§ 10A-2-4-107. Salaries and expenses - Offices and equipment.
§ 10A-2-4-108. Detention and group homes.
§ 10A-2-4-109. Citizens' advisory committee.
§ 10A-2-4-110. Appointment of personnel for Juvenile Docket of district court.
§ 10A-2-5-101. Juveniles of certain ages to be considered adults for certain offenses committed - Detention - Warrants - Certification as child.
§ 10A-2-5-201. Short title - Implementation date.
§ 10A-2-5-202. Definitions - Purpose.
§ 10A-2-5-203. Court proceedings - Jurisdiction.
§ 10A-2-5-204. Treatment of a child certified as an adult or youthful offender in criminal proceedings.
§ 10A-2-5-205. Certification as youthful offender or juvenile.
§ 10A-2-5-206. Certain acts mandating youthful offender status – Filing of delinquency petition or youthful offender information – Warrant, certification process – Guidelines.
§ 10A-2-5-207. Applicability to youths aged seventeen.
§ 10A-2-5-208. Motion by district attorney to sentence child as an adult — Considerations — Standard of proof — Sentencing.
§ 10A-2-5-209. Presentence investigation - Hearing - Factors and considerations - Imposition of sentence - Confinement.
§ 10A-2-5-210. Rehabilitation plan - Annual review hearing - Transfer to Department of Corrections - Time-served credits.
§ 10A-2-5-211. Commitment to Department of Corrections - Judgment and sentence.
§ 10A-2-5-212. Delinquent or youthful offender in custody of Office of Juvenile Affairs - Placement options - Office duties and authority - Rights of delinquent or youthful offender.
§ 10A-2-5-213. Pardon by Governor — Motion to set aside conviction — Release from penalties, destruction of records.
§ 10A-2-5-301. Educational needs during confinement or incarceration.
§ 10A-2-6-101. Court to keep records - Definitions.
§ 10A-2-6-102. Confidential juvenile records.
§ 10A-2-6-103. Confidentiality of social records.
§ 10A-2-6-104. Inspection and disclosure of confidential records without court order.
§ 10A-2-6-105. Inspection and disclosure of juvenile court records without court order.
§ 10A-2-6-106. Inspection and disclosure of Office of Juvenile Affairs records without court order.
§ 10A-2-6-107. Fingerprinting of persons under 18.
§ 10A-2-6-108. Effect of adjudication - Sealing of records - Order unsealing sealed records - Destruction of records.
§ 10A-2-6-109. Expungement of open juvenile court record.
§ 10A-2-6-110. Procedures for providing certain records to sheriffs - Confidentiality.
§ 10A-2-7-101. Board of Juvenile Affairs - Members - Duties and responsibilities.
§ 10A-2-7-201. Executive Director - Qualifications - Powers and duties.
§ 10A-2-7-202. Creation of office - Powers and duties.
§ 10A-2-7-203. Agreement with Supreme Court.
§ 10A-2-7-204. Employee's personal property damaged or destroyed by juvenile in custody - Repair or replacement.
§ 10A-2-7-301. Office of Juvenile Affairs - Responsibilities, offices, programs - Transfer of employees, powers, duties, etc.
§ 10A-2-7-302. Division of Advocate Defender - Advocate General - Duties and responsibilities.
§ 10A-2-7-303. Community-based programs.
§ 10A-2-7-304. Financial agreements.
§ 10A-2-7-305. Agreements to establish or maintain community-based youth service programs, shelters and community intervention centers.
§ 10A-2-7-306. Designation of organizations as Youth Services Agencies - Termination of designation - Contract administration.
§ 10A-2-7-307. Cooperative agreements with Department of Human Services.
§ 10A-2-7-308. Management information system - Integration with other management information systems - Access to confidential records and reports.
§ 10A-2-7-309. Department planning process for services to children and youth.
§ 10A-2-7-310. Defining services and programs.
§ 10A-2-7-311. Annual review of programs and services and implementation of Youthful Offender Act - Reports.
§ 10A-2-7-401. Juvenile Detention Improvement Revolving Fund.
§ 10A-2-7-402. Court and hearing costs of Office of Juvenile Affairs - Special agency account.
§ 10A-2-7-501. Intake and probation services - Services related to juvenile offenders.
§ 10A-2-7-502. Child adjudicated in need of supervision - Placement - Rehabilitative facilities – Mental health treatment.
§ 10A-2-7-503. Delinquent children - Intent of Legislature - Powers and duties of Office.
§ 10A-2-7-504. Discharge of children adjudicated delinquent – Retention of custody and jurisdiction.
§ 10A-2-7-601. Juveniles placed in Office-operated institutions and facilities - Powers and duties of Office.
§ 10A-2-7-602. Methods of administration - Merit system - Employment of superintendent and other personnel - Criminal history records searches - Superintendent as guardian.
§ 10A-2-7-603. Rules, policies and procedures required in facilities.
§ 10A-2-7-604. Physical force, when authorized - Mechanical restraints – Chemical agents.
§ 10A-2-7-605. Run away or AWOL from a staff secure or nonsecure placement.
§ 10A-2-7-606. Central Oklahoma Juvenile Center - Supervision, management and control.
§ 10A-2-7-607. Lloyd E. Rader Children's Center - Administration and control.
§ 10A-2-7-608. Expansion of preadjudicatory secure detention beds - Responsibility for regional juvenile facility in southwestern part of state.
§ 10A-2-7-609. Facilities and residential programs – Legislative intent.
§ 10A-2-7-610. Phil Smalley Children's Unit of Oklahoma Youth Center - Designation as Phil Smalley Center.
§ 10A-2-7-611. Secure facilities - Certification - Violations.
§ 10A-2-7-612. Office of Juvenile Affairs - Sale of surplus real estate.
§ 10A-2-7-613. Office of Juvenile Affairs - Foster care.
§ 10A-2-7-614. Foster care - Requirement of licensing standards.
§ 10A-2-7-615. Foster care - Contract requirements.
§ 10A-2-7-701. Short title - Purpose - Intent.
§ 10A-2-7-702. Definitions.
§ 10A-2-7-703. Office of Juvenile Affairs - Delinquency prevention, early intervention programs - Eligibility criteria.
§ 10A-2-7-704. Eligibility for contracts - Contract criteria - Duties of recipients.
§ 10A-2-7-705. Responsibility for implementation and evaluation of act – Contracts with eligible entities – Outcome-based performance reports.
§ 10A-2-7-801. Juvenile Offender Victim Restitution Work Program.
§ 10A-2-7-802. Juvenile Justice Public Works Program.
§ 10A-2-7-901. Juvenile Offender Tracking Program - Purpose.
§ 10A-2-7-902. Definitions.
§ 10A-2-7-903. Juvenile Offender Tracking Program - Components.
§ 10A-2-7-904. Implementation of Program - Duties of state and local agencies.
§ 10A-2-7-905. Juvenile Justice Information System - Functions - Duties of state and local agencies - Plan for implementation.
§ 10A-2-8-101. Short title.
§ 10A-2-8-102. Juvenile sex offender defined.
§ 10A-2-8-103. Juvenile sex offender registry - Information included.
§ 10A-2-8-104. Application register - Criteria for qualifying - Court order.
§ 10A-2-8-105. Juvenile sex offenders ordered to probation - Notification of duty to register.
§ 10A-2-8-106. Annual registration - Notification of change of name and address.
§ 10A-2-8-107. Failure to register or provide notification of change of name or address.
§ 10A-2-8-108. Transfer of registration to adult sex offender registry - Petition.
§ 10A-2-8-109. Juveniles not subject to act.
§ 10A-2-8-110. Disclosure of information - Immunity from liability.
§ 10A-2-8-111. Use of information to commit crime or cause physical harm or damage to property – Penalties.
§ 10A-2-8-112. Rules, procedures, and forms.
§ 10A-2-8-221. Transmission of obscenity and child pornography.
§ 10A-2-8-222. Intoxicating beverages or low-point beer - Possession by persons under age 21.
§ 10A-2-8-223. Penalties.
§ 10A-2-8-224. Purchase, receipt or possession of tobacco products by minors prohibited - Falsifying proof of age - Penalties - Notification of parent or guardian - Municipal ordinances.
§ 10A-2-9-101. Short title.
§ 10A-2-9-102. Purpose.
§ 10A-2-9-103. Definitions.
§ 10A-2-9-104. Interstate Commission for Juveniles.
§ 10A-2-9-105. Interstate Commission - Powers and duties.
§ 10A-2-9-106. Interstate Commission - Organization and operation.
§ 10A-2-9-107. Interstate Commission - Rulemaking.
§ 10A-2-9-108. Interstate Commission - Oversight, enforcement and dispute resolution.
§ 10A-2-9-109. Finance.
§ 10A-2-9-110. State Council.
§ 10A-2-9-111. Compacting states - Effective date - Amendment.
§ 10A-2-9-112. Withdrawal - Default - Termination - Judicial enforcement.
§ 10A-2-9-113. Severability and construction.
§ 10A-2-9-114. Binding effect - Other laws.
§ 10A-2-9-115. Appointing authority - Compact administrator.
§ 10A-2-9-116. State Council for Interstate Juveniles Supervision.
§ 10A-2-10-101. Oklahoma Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents Program - Purpose.
§ 10A-2-10-102. Application to administer - Requirements.
§ 10A-2-10-103. Annual report.