§ 85A-1. Short title - Administrative Workers' Compensation Act.
§ 85A-2. Definitions.
§ 85A-3. Applicability of act.
§ 85A-4. Severability.
§ 85A-5. Exclusive liability - Immunity.
§ 85A-6. Fraud.
§ 85A-7. Discrimination or retaliation.
§ 85A-8. Agreement to waive compensation.
§ 85A-9. Agreements for employee to pay premium of employer.
§ 85A-10. Release or commutation - Liens against workers' compensation benefits.
§ 85A-11. Compensation of alien nonresidents.
§ 85A-12. Preference.
§ 85A-13. Mental injury or illness.
§ 85A-14. Cardiovascular, coronary, pulmonary, respiratory, or cerebrovasculary accidents and myocardial infarctions.
§ 85A-15. Fraud Investigation Unit funding report.
§ 85A-16. Official Disability Guidelines - Treatment in Workers Compensation.
§ 85A-17. Physician Advisory Committee.
§ 85A-18. Notice to health care providers - Collection of fees.
§ 85A-19. Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Commission.
§ 85A-20. Power and authority of Commission.
§ 85A-21. Officers - Quorum.
§ 85A-22. Administration of act - Additional powers and duties.
§ 85A-23. Necessary traveling expenses.
§ 85A-24. Administrative report.
§ 85A-25. Annual publication of aggregate information.
§ 85A-26. Removal of commissioners.
§ 85A-27. Jurisdiction - Duties and powers of administrative judges.
§ 85A-28. Workers' Compensation Fund - Multiple Injury Trust Fund - Self-Insured Guaranty Fund.
§ 85A-29. Fees.
§ 85A-30. Physically impaired persons - Adjudications of Multiple Injury Trust Fund claims.
§ 85A-31. Multiple Injury Trust Fund.
§ 85A-32. Permanent total disability awards.
§ 85A-33. Statute of limitations.
§ 85A-34. Administration of Multiple Injury Trust Fund - Standing.
§ 85A-35. Obligation to pay.
§ 85A-36. Liability other than immediate employer.
§ 85A-37. Waiver of exemption or exclusion.
§ 85A-38. Securing compensation.
§ 85A-39. Carrier discharging obligations.
§ 85A-40. Failure to secure compensation - Summary hearing - Penalties.
§ 85A-41. Posted notice.
§ 85A-42. Required insurance policy provisions.
§ 85A-43. Liability Unaffected - Subrogation.
§ 85A-44. Reduction of benefits.
§ 85A-45. Temporary Total Disability - Temporary Partial Disability - Permanent Partial Disability - Permanent Total Disability.
§ 85A-46. Permanent partial disability schedule.
§ 85A-47. Beneficiaries in case of death.
§ 85A-48. Injury to minors.
§ 85A-49. Temporary total disability and unemployment benefits.
§ 85A-50. Failure to provide medical treatment - Medical examination - Fee schedule - Formulary.
§ 85A-51. Payment of medical expenses.
§ 85A-52. Liability for non-compensable injury.
§ 85A-53. Physical examination.
§ 85A-54. Refusal to submit to surgery.
§ 85A-55. Unreasonable charges.
§ 85A-56. Certified workplace medical plans.
§ 85A-57. Failure to appear for scheduled appointments.
§ 85A-58. Copying of medical records.
§ 85A-59. Computation of average weekly wages.
§ 85A-60. Evaluation of permanent disability.
§ 85A-61. Hernias.
§ 85A-62. Nonsurgical soft tissue injury.
§ 85A-63. Reports.
§ 85A-64. Certification of workplace medical plan.
§ 85A-65. Occupational disease.
§ 85A-66. Silicosis and asbestosis.
§ 85A-67. Notice of occupational disease or cumulative trauma.
§ 85A-68. Rebuttable presumption injury not work-related.
§ 85A-69. Statute of limitations.
§ 85A-70. Promulgation of rules.
§ 85A-71. Notice - Investigation and hearing - Evidence and Construction.
§ 85A-72. Conduct of Hearing or Inquiry - Public hearings - Evidence.
§ 85A-73. Preservation and enforcement of orders.
§ 85A-74. Rebuttable presumptions.
§ 85A-75. Depositions.
§ 85A-76. Witness fees.
§ 85A-77. Employment of attorneys.
§ 85A-78. Appeals process.
§ 85A-79. Failure to comply with final compensation judgement.
§ 85A-80. Review of compensation judgements.
§ 85A-81. Commencing proceedings on unreasonable grounds.
§ 85A-82. Claims for legal services.
§ 85A-83. Attorney signature.
§ 85A-84. Payment of compensation.
§ 85A-85. Clean claims.
§ 85A-86. Controversion of employee's right to claim compensation.
§ 85A-87. Settlement of claim.
§ 85A-88. Change of insurance carriers.
§ 85A-89. Advance payments.
§ 85A-90. Deposit or bond with commission.
§ 85A-91. Interest.
§ 85A-92. Notification of commission.
§ 85A-93. Investigation.
§ 85A-94. Incarcerated employees.
§ 85A-95. Deductibles.
§ 85A-96. Self-insurance Guaranty Fund Board.
§ 85A-97. Self-insurance Guaranty Fund.
§ 85A-98. Funds to be transferred to Self-insurance Guaranty Fund.
§ 85A-99. Impaired self-insurer.
§ 85A-100. Self-insurance Guaranty Fund Board as party to proceedings.
§ 85A-101. Report on number of claims - Electronic data interchange.
§ 85A-102. Pooled liabilities - Distribution of surplus.
§ 85A-103. Associations pooling liability.
§ 85A-104. Workers' Compensation Commission and Self-Insurance Guaranty Fund Board liability.
§ 85A-105. Compensation Commission and Self-insurance Guaranty Fund employees as witnesses - Solicitation of employment - Ex-parte communication.
§ 85A-106. Strict construction.
§ 85A-107. Workers' compensation provided by public entities.
§ 85A-108. Dismissal of claims.
§ 85A-109. Workers' compensation counselor or ombudsmen program.
§ 85A-110. Alternative dispute resolution program.
§ 85A-111. Commencement of benefit claim - Prehearing conference.
§ 85A-112. Independent medical examiners.
§ 85A-113. Transfer of case management - Case managers.
§ 85A-114. Prosthetic devices.
§ 85A-115. Joint Petition for settlement.
§ 85A-116. Awards for permanent disability.
§ 85A-117. Estoppel from denying employment.
§ 85A-118. Fees.
§ 85A-119. Copies of documents.
§ 85A-120. Inquiry about compensation claims.
§ 85A-121. Advisory Council on Workers' Compensation.
§ 85A-122. Costs of administering this act.
§ 85A-123. Perjury.
§ 85A-124. Transfers from Workers' Compensation Court.
§ 85A-125. Computation of time.
§ 85A-200. Short title - Oklahoma Employee Injury Benefit Act.
§ 85A-201. Definitions.
§ 85A-202. Voluntary election of qualified employer status.
§ 85A-203. Written benefit plan.
§ 85A-204. Securing compensation.
§ 85A-205. Oklahoma Option Insured Guaranty Fund - Oklahoma Option Self-insured Guaranty Fund.
§ 85A-206. Annual fee - Assessments.
§ 85A-207. Collection of fee - Penalty.
§ 85A-208. Workers' Compensation Commission determinations.
§ 85A-209. Qualified employer's liability.
§ 85A-210. Compliance with federal law - Damages - Attorney fees.
§ 85A-211. Denial of claim - Appeal rights.
§ 85A-212. Liberal construction.
§ 85A-213. Constitutionality of act.
§ 85A-300. Short title - Workers' Compensation Arbitration Act.
§ 85A-301. Arbitration agreements.
§ 85A-302. Notice.
§ 85A-303. Agreements governed by act.
§ 85A-304. Waiver.
§ 85A-305. Application for judicial relief.
§ 85A-306. Agreement to submit to arbitration.
§ 85A-307. Refusal to arbitrate.
§ 85A-308. Judgement for provisional remedies.
§ 85A-309. Initiation of arbitration.
§ 85A-310. Consolidation of separate arbitration proceedings.
§ 85A-311. Method of appointing arbitrator.
§ 85A-312. Disclosures.
§ 85A-313. Multiple arbitrators.
§ 85A-314. Immunity from civil liability.
§ 85A-315. Summary disposition - Notice of hearing - Right to be heard - Replacement arbitrator.
§ 85A-316. Payment of legal fees.
§ 85A-317. Subpoenas - Depositions - Discovery.
§ 85A-318. Pre-award ruling.
§ 85A-319. Record of the award.
§ 85A-320. Modification of awards.
§ 85A-321. Benefits - Attorney fees.
§ 85A-322. Judgments confirming the award.
§ 85A-323. Vacation of awards.
§ 85A-324. Modification of awards by Commission.
§ 85A-325. Judgment entered by Commission.
§ 85A-326. Exclusive jurisdiction.
§ 85A-327. Appeals.
§ 85A-328. Selection of court.
§ 85A-400. Workers' Compensation Court.